Employment Services

Provides full-time and part-time employment opportunities to individuals served, both onsite and in the community. The goal of this department is to develop career paths leading to more independent employment in the community.

Support Services

Provides therapeutic activities both on-site and in the community for individuals served. The goal of this program is to provide community inclusion, community education, and a path toward greater independence.

Clinical Services

This department provides on-site program case management and assurance of compliance to all regulatory and accrediting agencies for individuals served, as well as oversight of nursing supports, behavioral supports, and therapies, including speech, physical, art, music, expressive, and movement.

Transition and Training Services

This department provides transition assistance for individuals leaving school or transferring from other agencies, as well as internal transition for individuals wishing to move between departments or into more independent employment.  Customized, holistic transition plans are developed for each individual entering services that include preference assessments, as well as person-centered planning. This department also includes MVLE’s Individual Supported Employment program, as well as the employment training program.

Performing Arts Program

MVLE Moves!

In 2015 MVLE, MVLE partnered with BodyWise Dance to create the MVLE Moves! dance program for individuals with disabilities. This program is designed to enrich the lives of MVLE’s clients and staff through movement classes, staff training, and arts partnership development.


Take a look at one of our favorite movement class activities!

Everyday Oz Performance Tour

For the 2016-2017 season, professional choreographer and director, Margot Greenlee collaborated with clients and staff to create Everyday Oz. With Everyday Oz, we took our successful MVLE Moves! program to the next level, giving cast members the full experience of performing a project of their own creation alongside professional performers.


Everyday Oz is a family-friendly performance that partners MVLE individuals with professional performers. Equal parts zany and poetic, Everyday Oz includes active audience participation to reveal the ways that we are smart, compassionate, brave, and creative…every day!


Behind-the-scenes with Everyday Oz. Watch the performance group rehearsing.

And see our final performance at the Kennedy Center, May 21, 2017.

MVLE can’t help but dance. Check out our version of Can’t Stop the Feeling.