45 Stories for 45 Years: Sally

Sally has been a valued employee at the Springfield Golf & Country Club (SGCC) for over 32 years! After graduating from Accotink Academy Special Education program in 1983, Sally transitioned to MVLE where she received employment and travel training. Her ability to perform quality work resulted in her competitive employment at the SGCC. Sally works

45 Stories for 45 Years: Steven

Steven– When Steven first came to MVLE in July 2013 he worked to produce the Ability Nation products. Steven worked diligently and looked forward to coming to work everyday working alongside with his colleague to complete an enormous job that needed to be shipped out of state. Later Steven wanted a new challenge to learn a

45 Stories for 45 Years: Eddie’s Club

Eddie’s Club- We started Springfield Challenger, Little League Baseball for Kids with Special Needs, 25 years ago this spring. We needed a means to get information out to our families and MVLE came highly recommended. We had an original registration of 10 players that grew to over 250 within five years. During that time we also

45 Stories for 45 Years: Danny

Danny- Last fall, Danny, was hired to work with the MVLE crew at Greenspring Village! Danny has been working with MVLE since 2012 and was previously working in MVLE’s warehouse helping to assemble Ability Nation products. Ask anyone at MVLE about Danny and the first thing they say is how much he loves to work and