45th Circle of Giving

This year MVLE celebrates our 45th Anniversary! On February 15, 1972, MVLE was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in Virginia. Over the past four decades, the external landscape has changed, but MVLE’s passion has remained steadfast—a passion and dedication to ensuring that our individuals live the lives of their choice.

Since 1971, MVLE has been dedicated to…

  • Creating futures one person at a time for individuals with disabilities through employment and support services.
  • Providing valuable resources to enhance and deepen our impact for individuals with disabilities.
  • Encouraging personal and professional growth for people living with disabilities.

MVLE is an internally accredited agency that partners with more than 125 local commercial businesses and a number of federal and state agencies. Our programs serve over 450 individuals annually. MVLE’s innovative and comprehensive strategy is successfully leveraging business and community partnerships to create meaningful opportunities.

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Working with purpose to create futures one person at a time

Recent Blogs

45 Stories for 45 Years: Crystal

“No matter what the job, Crystal’s infectious enthusiasm shines through, and she’s always willing to help out!” Crystal has worked with MVLE for the past six years. She is an essential member of Digital Stream and MVLE’s Printing & Mailing Services teams. Her friendly, upbeat demeanor and personality have allowed Crystal to build and maintain positive,

May 5, 2017

45 Stories for 45 Years: Sally

Sally has been a valued employee at the Springfield Golf & Country Club (SGCC) for over 32 years! After graduating from Accotink Academy Special Education program in 1983, Sally transitioned to MVLE where she received employment and travel training. Her ability to perform quality work resulted in her competitive employment at the SGCC. Sally works

April 20, 2017

45 Stories for 45 Years: Steven

Steven– When Steven first came to MVLE in July 2013 he worked to produce the Ability Nation products. Steven worked diligently and looked forward to coming to work everyday working alongside with his colleague to complete an enormous job that needed to be shipped out of state. Later Steven wanted a new challenge to learn a

April 14, 2017

Your crew and staff are always in good spirits and doing a superior job keeping our building in tip top shape. Not only are we pleased but we also hear compliments from our tenants. Everyone is delighted.

Mary Simonds
Building Owner

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to create futures one person at a time

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