Customer Compliments & Complaints

Silent whistle

MVLE knows that it is our customer base that allows us to continue to grow and the ability to serve more people in our community. We encourage you to openly share your ideas, suggestions, questions and concerns with us. we also understand that there may be times
when you may not feel comfortable voicing any issues directly. To this end, we decided to establish a system to enhance communication between us and our customers, and provide you with a means to communicate anonymously with our team. SilentWhistle, is hosted by a third-party company – Allegiance, Inc.

You can reach this site by going to or Call 1-877-874-8416

The basic features of the SilentWhistle system:

SilentAlert™ allows customers to anonymously submit information regarding unethical or illegal activities within the organization.

SilentQuestion™ allows customers to anonymously ask questions through the system. The customer and company can communicate back and forth through the website until the concern is resolved.

SilentConcern™ provides an online, anonymous tool for customers to voice concerns to management.

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