Custodial Services

highest quality of services to businesses throughout the Washington D.C. area. We hold mostly government and some private sector custodial contracts for both large and small facilities. With our complete green cleaning approach our satisfied clients include:

Walter Reed Medical Center
Ft. Belvior Army Base
Federal Courthouse Fairfax

Why Use MVLE’s staffing services?

We are in the business of helping companies like yours fulfill a need for honest, dependable and hardworking labor. Our labor force is comprised of individuals with disabilities who are looking for the opportunity to show the community their worth and talents as valued members of society. By hiring a work crew of individuals, you are adding productivity to their lives, which is what makes all the difference in the world. Working in the community allows these individuals to live a life like yours and to feel a sense of value and inclusion in society. The list below outlines the benefits your company will gain by becoming a partner with MVLE.


  • Motivated, loyal, honest, dependable
  • Hardworking laborers who are prescreened through MVLE’s intake process.
  • People with disabilities have equal or higher job performance ratings,
  • Higher retention rates and lower absenteeism.
  • Companies that hire and accommodate people with disabilities can receive tax benefits. For example, MVLE will cover all taxes to the individuals, you as the client will only be paying a flat fee to MVLE.
  • During the term of a service agreement, MVLE will indemnify, defend, and hold harmless your company from all claims, actions and judgments, including attorneys’ fees for personal injury, public liability and property damage related to the services provided under a service agreement (insurance provided by MVLE).
  • Each work crew has a job coach, who is an MVLE employee providing – at no cost to you – supervision for MVLE workers to ensure that your quality standards are met everyday.
  • You will receive published recognition for your role as a customer of MVLE, for being a company that creates futures for people living with disabilities.
  • Employing people with disabilities is beneficial for the individuals, business and society. This is a “win-win-win” strategy


Custodial/Housekeeping Services
MVLE offers high-quality custodial services customized to meet your needs and we currently serve over one million square feet of Class A and B office buildings, medical facilities, secured buildings and warehouses. Our trained, experienced and dependable workforce uses the most current techniques and equipment to ensure that you experience the best service at a great value.
Services include:

Green Cleaning” products and techniques
• Daily or periodic cleaning
• Trash collection, disposal and recycling programs
• Carpet and upholstery maintenance
• Floor maintenance and refinishing services
• Window and blind cleaning
• Restroom sanitization
• Day porters

Grounds Maintenance
MVLE understands that business image is important for success; therefore, we provide the resources necessary to guarantee you look your best. Our workers are trained to provide attention to detail and superior techniques and equipment to make you look your best.
Our customers entrust us to provide:
• Lawn care and lawn maintenance
• Leaf removal
• Snow removal
• Grounds policing
• Tree and shrub pruning

Food Services
MVLE's food service workforce prepares and serves food, operates cash registers and provides vital back-of-house support. You too can enjoy a dependable, skilled and professional crew to help meet your customers' needs like
Guest Services
The Virginian
Church's Fried Chicken
Greenspring Village

How do we begin?

MVLE supports you, the employer, and the individual employee or work crew in building a successful partnership.
• MVLE provides qualified applicants
• MVLE supplies training specific to the work performed
• The employer retains control of employee work status

What are the benefits to starting a business employment partnership with MVLE?
Improved employee retention
• High job performance
• Low absenteeism
• Low turnover and training costs
• Tax credit assistance

Financial Incentives for Businesses to Hire People with Disabilities
Many businesses have found individuals with disabilities to be a perfect fit for their needs. In addition to gaining valuable personnel, these businesses also qualify for a range of financial incentives

WOTC & WtW Tax Credits
Work Opportunity Tax Credit
WOTC is available to employers for hiring individuals from economically
disadvantaged backgrounds. Employers can receive a tax credit of up to $2,400
per individual hired. Many people with disabilities meet the criteria for WOTC,
including all recipients of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and all clients of
state vocational rehabilitation agencies.

Welfare-to-Work Tax Credit
If a person with a disability is a recipient of Temporary Aid to Needy Families
(TANF) at the time of hire, the employer can receive a federal tax credit for up
$8,500 per individual hired.

Additional information on these tax credits can be obtained from the U.S.
Department of Labor: WOTC
state and regional contacts can be found at:

ADA Small Business Tax Credit For Cost of Accommodations for
Businesses with 30 or fewer employees or $1,000,000 or less per year in total
revenue can receive a tax credit for the cost of accommodations provided to
an employee (or customer) with a disability. This credit covers 50% of eligible
expenditures up to $10,000 (maximum credit per year of $5000). For additional
information, contact the Internal Revenue Service.
Web site:

What happens once my company establishes a partnership with MVLE?
• Perform on-site job analysis
• Pre-screen qualified applicants
• Coordinate interviews with employers
• Train and transition MVLE-referred applicants
• Provide on-site support and follow-up

What does MVLE specialize in?
·         Housekeeping
·         Food Services
·         Grounds Maintenance
·         Stocking
·         Mailroom
·         Flyer Delivery
·         Document Shredding


What is MVLE (CES) looking for?

1. A year-round labor opportunity for a work crew

2. Operating hours between 8:30am to 3:30pm

3. A Monday to Friday work week

4. A written job description of all requested duties

5. An available restroom for individuals

6. A location individuals can eat lunch

7. Monthly payment for service

8. Continuous communication between both parties to ensure quality

9. A sheltered area in case of inclement weather (for outdoor sites)

Please email Kenan Aden for more information or call 703-569-3900. Please include your name, type of job, and your phone number in the email.

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